Prohormones what are they? These products are often called supplements some are and others are steroids. A prohormone is a precursor to hormones that converts once it enters the system. Steroids are synthetic hormones that are added to the bodies natural hormone levels. This is the difference between pros and steroids. One uses hormones already in the body and the other uses added synthetic hormones.

Do prohomones work in 2018?

The products on the shelves in 2018 are not as strong as the ones that found there way to the shelves before December 2014. Many of the legal prohormones in 2018 are DHEA based products. There are some research companies selling methylated products as sports supplements a small loop hole in the system that I’m sure will go away before long. Most of the DHEA products will work but they don’t work as fast as products from 2014 and earlier.

Prohormones side effects

DHEA based products have very little side effects, mostly attitude and the possibility of libido drop once your cycle is over. I suggest using a good natural PCT to prevent this.

Methylated compounds have a lot more possible side effects such as liver damage, anger issues, acne, high blood pressure, enlarged prostate and gyno.

What do you need for a prhormones cycle?

First if you are running a DHEA base product all you need is a PCT once your cycle is done.

Methylated prohormones you will want a really good cycle support, possibly a estrogen blocker depending on the compound and of course a PCT. Its also important to watch the length of your cycle while using these types of products. I suggest if you are just starting out to keep it limited to 4 weeks.

Types of Prohormones

Here are some of the compounds on the market in 2018:



DMZ Supplement



No matter which product you use please spend sometime researching the product you select.

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